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Things to do – Concord NH

If you are buying a home and looking for an area to settle down in then living in Concord NH is a great choice. Concord is almost a small city but it really has a small town feel. There is a lot of activity going on during all seasons of the year. We have some great restaurants to check out and some good pizza joints as well. Here are some of the spots to check out!


puppy love hot dog signPuppy Love

Love this PLACE! Not only can you get a hot-dog in summer month’s but they also have a location just down the street next to CVS for the winter months. Puppy Love has been around for 40 yrs and the steamed dogs are great. Gretchen the owner knows how I like my hot dog before I even need to tell her! That customer service and attention is what makes this little hot dog stand great.something to me.


Barley HouseBarley House entrance

This place is a pub and it also has some great food. You know a place is good when they are just as busy during the day as they are at night. The Barley House the offer’s some craft beer and I can tell you there service is probably some of the best in town. Burgers is where it’s at you are going to love them.



Angelina’spicture of the Angelinas sign

This is little Italy in the heart of Concord. I think it is some of the best Italian food in the State. Don’t forget to make reservations because Angelina’s is not a very big place and they are always booked. My wife’s favorite is the chicken tettrazini and my favorite is the chicken marsala!


Tuckers this place has some awesome breakfast. And once again you need to get to this place early. If its Saturday of Sunday morning plan on waiting. They seem to hire young happy people that don’t mind to work hard.


This is a Concord staple. Arnies has been around since the beginning of time. This place is all about barbecue and home made ice cream!

During the summer they have some old car shows and that’s one of the best parts of Arnies. Go down get an ice cream and then walk around and enjoy the old cars!


Granite State Candy

The candy shop has been around almost a 100 years! I love taking my son but he has a hard time picking something out. The selection is great and they make chocolate on site. With Easter just around the corner, it’s a great place to get chocolate bunnies!

The Crust and Crumb Baking CO.

These guys make their bread by hand and with fresh local ingredients. They have you covered with pastries, tarts, and cakes! If you are looking for bread they have a huge assortment. Don’t forget to geta coffee or tea with your treat!

Craft Brew

Concord Craft Brewing

Beer in a glass

I really need to add these guys to the list. Not only is the beer incredible the facility is nice and clean. I would follow them on Facebook so you can follow all there new brews that have just hit the tap! The Gov’nah has quickly become my favorite beer!



Capitol Center for the Arts

For all you artistic types this a little gem found in the heart of Concord NH. The focus for the center is for the entire community. The events include Broadway shows, pop, family entertainment, something for everyone. Plan an evening with food and a show!

Red River Theater

Picture of the Red river sign

That’s right we even have a theater smack dab in the middle of Main st.  It’s small but great and you will enjoy the intimacy of the theater. Don’t get me wrong the place is state of the art with Dolby digital surround sound.

Whites Park

This is a great little park with things to do all year. The winter we as a family will visit with the sledding and the annual Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament. This little pond has ice skating for the whole family as well. In the summer its a great little park with swings for the kids and a pond to stroll around.


New Downtown Shopping

Sign of downtown

Concord has went through some Big changes the last couple years with the changes they did to the Downtown. I think it was a great improvement and it makes it a better experience! Bigger sidewalks and great lighting really helped the shops on the street.

Farmers Market

This is one of the oldest markets in the State. It is open on Saturday’s from 8:30 till 12:00. You can’t miss it right next to the Capitol building. Make sure you get there early to get the best produce, meat, eggs, and breads!

Things are cooking

Front of capital deli

This place has it all for any of your cooking needs. They have all the name brands that you are looking for in any of those big box stores. I can tell you from experience the pricing is the same and even sometimes better than the big box! Talk to Diane the owner about your cooking plans and she is sure to set you up with the best tools for the job!

Capitol Craftsman

This is one of those love-hate relationships! The Boss… AKA the “wife” loves this joint. Sue, Cheryl, and Frank give you the customer service like your royalty! It truly is a great place to buy jewelry for that special someone, and did I say the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE BEST?

The League of Craftsman

I did a lot of my Christmas shopping at the league this past year. I was tired of giving gifts that just get forgotten. This place has some much cool stuff that was actually created by local craftsman. As far as I’m concerned you can not put a price on that!


So that’s it, my little taste of Concord. Let me know with a comment below, your favorite places or your thoughts on the ones I shared.








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