Spring Gutter Cleaning with your NH home inspector


Don’t forget to clean your Gutters this Spring!

A lot of people get caught late in the season with leaves that have fallen and then we get that quick winter storm. Then we get the winter freeze and the gutters never get cleaned. The big problem is if the gutters in your home are full of the Spring rain and the water overflows the gutter and does not go down the downspout to the area you wanted it to drain. This can cause pressure on your foundation and ultimately leaks in your basement!

I can not stress enough that you have a good ladder that has been inspected before every use to ensure that it is going to keep you safe and if you don’t feel safe hire, someone! I always say you only fall once and it can affect you for the rest of your life.

The cleaning should be pretty simple with the material in the gutter probably is broken down. Just scoop it out with your hands or a garden tool. If the roof is not to steep you can usually just slide a bucket along to collect the muck.

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