Seller Home Inspection


Seller home inspections? Most people believe that home inspections are done by the buyer’s in a real estate transaction. There are a lot of Sellers that have a home inspection done before they list there homes for a number of reasons.


1. One reason is to get prepared for what your buyer’s home inspector will find and you can fix the problem before they have their inspection, this will allow you to fix the problem your way before another group is involved and negotiating how the problem should be fixed.

2. Disclosure…. this will allow you to find any problems that you might have not even known but will protect you from not having these defects disclosed.

3. Buyer confidence… This will give the buyers peace of mind that they are buying a home with no hidden problems and this might increase the sale price of your home.

For information on what we inspect during a home inspection What We INSPECT

Feel free to contact us to discuss getting a seller’s home inspection, we can go over pricing and other benefits of having one done. You can also contact us by phone at 603-722-0893 or fill out the form below.

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