New Home: Top 10 Decorating Tips and Tricks

Moving into a new home can be so exciting!  The decorating is my favorite part.

 In this article I am going to share with you 10 simple tricks to decorating your new home.

From window treatments to wall colors to furniture placement.  Decorating can be so overwhelming but it can also be so much fun!

#1  Test drive your colors before you commit to them.  

Painting rooms can be a hefty project to take on and it makes a great statement.  Before you buy all the paint and get the whole room done only to find out that you don’t actually like the color, paint a 4ft x 4ft area and make sure that you love it first!  

You can find samples at hardware stores to allow you to try it before you invest in it.

#2  Hang your window treatments high above the window.

 The closer to the ceiling the grander that will make the room feel.  If you hang your curtains above the window all the way to the floor it will make the window appear to be a much larger window.

#3 Wall art hung at eye level. 

About 57in off of the floor will draw the eye to it and be most pleasing at eye level.

When hanging groups of frames on a wall trying to place them more scattered than square and if you add a mirror somewhere in the mix it adds dimension and contrast.

#4 Use trays to display things. 

Everything looks better on a tray!  Perfume trays on your dresser, Liquor trays on a sidebar, lotions, and soaps in the bathroom. It makes what could look like clutter look organized and more like a display.

#5 In open concept homes use rugs to separate spaces.

It helps break up large areas yet leaves them wide open. For example, if you have one large room for your dining and living room, having a rug under the dining table shows that space as its own area, and then a rug in the living room sections that space off as its own.

#6  Bed placement is important.

Don’t place your bed aligning with the doorway. If you can walk into the room the bed should be opposite the door, it makes the room feel bigger and grander.

#7 Shelf decorating can go so wrong so easily.

Try and keep the shelves color coordinated and it will help it all flow and work. Different heights of objects and different textures will keep it visually pleasing.

Maybe this is something you can do in your kitchen.

#8  Hang mirrors across from windows. 

 It makes the space feel much larger and also brings the light into the house.

#9  Decorate objects in odd numbers  

“The 3 rule” Make things look more naturally placed. For example, if you are placing candles on a table, having 3 candles placed together rather than 4. Even numbers tend to look like stock on a shelf rather than decor.

#10  Love your space! 

If something in your home doesn’t bring you joy, move on to getting rid of it!  Home should be your happy place!

You can get all kinds of decorating ideas over at Houzz

Even if you think you can’t decorate…  You can! It’s easier than it looks. What is your favorite room to decorate?  

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