New Construction Home Inspection

There is a misconception out there in NH with a lot of buyers buying new construction home’s that there is no need for a  home inspection. Many things can go wrong in new construction and the problems can go hidden for a long time. Most new construction comes with a home warranty for a period of time, but do you really want to hunt down the builder to come back to fix things or settle for something being fixed rather than done correctly the first time?

Reasons for a new construction inspection

Municipal Inspectors that inspect for code requirement a-lot of the time are on a busy schedule and they miss things.

Sometimes these homes go up very fast and some of the construction steps could have been skipped.

Inspections from the bank are only to see what work has been completed to give a draw of funds to the builder.

New sub-contractors are hired all the time and their work could have been sub-par!

Why hire Footprint

Bob the owner is a builder himself, and he knows all the steps to build a quality home.  Bob currently does all the inspections for Footprint so you can be assured about getting the service that you deserve. For more info on Bob you can read about him here.

Types of New Construction Inspections


Just like a home that has been there for years. This is priced on the size of the home.

During Construction

This inspection is done during different steps of the construction and requires multiple visits to the job site. This type of inspection varies in scope and is priced on an individual job basis.

For information on what we inspect during a home inspection What We INSPECT

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