Inspection Services

Inspection Services

We offer a wide range of Services for Buyer’s and Sellers and also Investors. We offer an inspection for people that are purchasing a newly constructed home, we also offer NH water testing and Radon Air Testing. When you’re making such a big purchase it could be the best decision you make when purchasing a home to have a Licensed Certified Inspector put a set of trained eyes on your purchase!

Buyer Home Inspection NH

This inspection service is for a Buyer looking to purchase a home, this inspection is usually a contingency on the Purchase and Sales agreement that a Buyer has with a Seller and is done usually within 10 days of a signed contract to purchase the property more info… Info about a Buyer home inspection

Seller Home Inspection NH

This Inspection service is for a Seller to get a good idea of the problems or defects of your home. This helps you to get an overall idea of what a home inspector is going to find and report to a potential buyer. This will give you an opportunity to fix these issues if so choose to before they come up with the negotiating for purchase. for more info….Inspections overview for Seller’s

New Construction Home Inspection NH

This Inspection service is for New Construction homes. We will get a first look at your property from the beginning to rest assure that you are purchasing the quality that you paid for!

Radon Air Testing NH

Radon is a gas that is odorless, it is the 2nd highest cause of lung cancer in the United States. For more info or to schedule a test click About Radon Testing

Water Testing NH

We offer a testing service to inspect your well water. We also offer the test that is mandatory for FHA/VA Loans. for more info…

For information on what we inspect during a home inspection What’s included in a home inspection