How much is a home inspection in NH?

How much is a home inspection in NH… that is the question. It used to be a very easy question to answer but the game is changing with all the new inspectors entering the market.

The topics below should help you determine how much you should figure to pay for a home inspection.

  • The company
  • The additional services added
  • Time of year

The Company

There such a wide range of pricing at the moment because of all the new home inspectors. If you call around make sure that you get an idea of how long they have been in business and also check out their reviews.

The cheap guys

These guys are the cheapest for a reason. Most likely they are just getting started. I can tell you when I started I was priced just under the guys doing the most inspections. You are really rolling the dice with the cheap guys!

Middle of the road

These guys stay competitive with the market. A lot of the time they can be Multi Inspector firms so you might not be getting the best in the company. This is a much safer bet than the “Cheap Guys”.

Very important to check out the reviews and ask who your home inspector will be if it’s a multi inspection firm. You could be getting the cheap guy experience for the middle-of-the-road price if you’re getting the new guy.


A lot of time these inspectors are the most expensive because they are the best. A lot of them have been doing it a long time and they know their services are worth the price. Sometimes the cheap and middle guys are not thinking of all the costs involved to run a business. They want to chase the money.

Beware of some of the expensive guys! I have seen some pricing that is double what I charge and I am not sure where they are coming from.

If your wondering where my company sits, I say I am between the middle of the road and expensive. My reputation is great…. see my Google Reviews and be confident I have the experience and background knowledge that you want!

Additional Services

  • Radon Air testing– This is something you should probably expect to test for and the range I say in the market is $100-$175 if you get the testing with a general inspection. 

You can find more info about Radon Testing.

  • Water testing– Water testing ranges typically between $100-$200 depending on the extent of your water test.

More Info about Water Testing.

  • Septic Inspection- The typical inspection price for an average home is $225

So if your doing a rural home you could be looking at another $600 added to the price of an inspection.

Time of year

Now, this should not be a factor but unfortunately, it can be. In a bull market that we were just in some inspectors will raise their pricing in the summer because of supply and demand. Some will just raise their price depending on how many inspections they are doing that particular week.

My company has upfront pricing so there are no surprises!


So to say that pricing for a home inspection is standard, it’s far from it. 

  • Check out the companies or the inspector’s reviews
  • check out what a few inspectors are charging
Don’t just settle on price… Not all inspectors are the same.

Related Info

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Inspection Request

Call us or fill out the form. After you fill out the form we will be in touch almost immediately to give you an accurate quote and go over scheduling and availability.



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