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Are you looking for Home Inspectors in Southern New Hampshire?

There are so many home inspectors in the business that cover this area. I cover all of southern New Hampshire and will be happy to do your inspection. Footprint Property Inspections LLC has a great reputation just contact us! Read on for some great info on how to decide on a home inspection company!

So how do you choose a home inspection company!

1. Check the Reviews…

Make sure that you check their reviews online. The easiest way to do this is to google their business name. This will bring up all kinds of info about the company and more than likely their reviews on google. Not all companies like reviews and they hide from the exposure.. makes you wonder why? I say they are afraid of what might be said! Reviews can be a scary thing for a company they can make or break one. This is really the case in the service industry! The major review sites for home inspectors are…


Google is the major player when it comes to reviews. When you do a search for a company typically they will come up on google maps and you will see the companies reviews. Remember that you can’t trust all reviews, some people you can not please! But as you can see with our google reviews we have a great reputation.


This is a relatively new company that connects companies with customers that are looking for some type of service. I can tell you as the owner of my business I have to pay for the leads and then the customer decides who they will pick for their home inspection. Thumbtack then asks the customer to review the home inspection company after the inspection. You can read my reviews on Thumbtack.


This company is a little funny they call me all the time to join for a paid service. In return, they will put the reviews that people had reviewed my company online. I only have one at the moment that is a review from one of their customers so I guess they had to post it. So I am not a big fan of this company and its business model but the one review I have is good.

There are many others and I am not sure who else has reviewed my company but these are the major players!

2. Rely on Social Media

Social media is all the rave at the moment and it gives you an idea of the company that you are hiring is not afraid of some exposure! I am not that active on social media but we are trying to do more. Here are some of the media sites that Footprint is a part of…



This seems to be the media site that everyone is on. Check to see if the company makes any posts and what are they about? Do they bring any value? What a company looks for is Likes and you can find ours on Facebook…feel free to like our page!


Google+ is part of Google and has the same idea as Facebook but it is Google’s version. The best part of ggogle+ is the integration that it has with the rest of the google things that you use. Google+ does not have reviews or likes but you can +one something that you like.


This is more of a business social environment. But I suppose if you are a business professional then you could also search and read about home inspection companies and hire one from what you find on this social platform. Check out my profile

3. Ask the Realtors

This can go either way. I would say most of the people getting a home inspection to choose a home inspector from the advice that they get from their Realtor. Let’s look at this in two ways…

Realtor uses a passive home inspector so they can just get the sale.

Some say this is what most Realtors do. I would tend to disagree I think most Realtors would play the middle ground if they are referring someone. I feel they will refer someone that will do a pretty thorough job but will not be an alarmist with every little thing that they find.

A Realtor will refer the best home inspector for the job.

I don’t think this is the case also sometimes. Why do I say this? Because they are not all referring Footprint Property Inspections LLC! LOL just kidding… sometimes I feel that people get comfortable with the people they typically do business with and forget to try others in the game. For that reason, they might not find a home inspector that would be a better fit for the Realtor and the buyer.

The industry has designed these inspections to be 2-3 hrs max. Let’s face it you could be at a property for an endless amount of time if you wanted but I don’t think buyers and realtors want this.  They are looking for a professional to give the best visual assessment of the property to make a decision about their purchase. So don’t worry your Realtor will not refer you a home inspector that is going to spend a day at a property gathering info that will really just be useless!

So I would say if you trust your Realtor and you find them to be a professional then I would expect them to refer a home inspector that will do a professional job!

4.  Price

This is a scary one. All the time I get calls and the person just cares about the price, It is almost like they are shopping for an Insurance company or finding the cheapest cell phone bill.  I can tell you from experience, not all home inspectors are created equal! I was a full-time Realtor for about 5 yrs and most of that time I focused on being a buyer agent. So because of being a buyer agent, I got to see most home inspectors at that time in Southern NH. Well, I can tell you that was one of the reasons I started my company I could not believe that these guys were home inspectors!

I try to keep my pricing competitive with the other pros in the area. Typically under 2,000 sq ft, you are looking at $300-400. Yes, there are some guys that charge $1000 but these are the guys I talked about earlier in the article that can be at a home inspection for a full day gathering info that you never cared to know about or would never use.

If you get a price from a home inspector that is under $300 then I would run for the hills! If the home inspector is doing business in the $2oo range then he will not be in business too long with all the costs that we have! Maybe he is a new guy and in the case, he could be good just needs a shot then I would really look over his bio to make sure he is up to the task!

5. Friends and Family

Ask the ones you love and care about they should be the ones you can trust. Try to focus on the ones that have had an inspection recently seeing that a lot of changes in the industry have changed over the years. Just asking on the social platform that you use the most will generates some companies.

6. What does the Inspector Inspect?

Don’t forget to ask what the home inspector will inspect! Ask him what they typically do during an inspection. A lot of companies belong to different organizations that have certain standards of practice. We belong to InterNACHI and they have a high standard when it comes to a standard of practice. the State of New Hampshire also has a standard of practice that is as home inspectors in the state need to follow.

7. Ask what kind of report will you get?

The standard now is a report that has pictures and descriptions of the defects found. But you still find guys out there doing reports that are a checklist and this by the far way behind current standards. We provide a report that is intuitive and easy to understand…you receive a link to the report and it can also be viewed and printed in a PDF.

So that’s the TOP 7 ways I can give you to help choose home inspectors in Southern NH. I do suggest making sure you read the home inspector’s Bio. Like I said before we are not all created equal and have a background that I have gives me and my client a huge advantage… just check out my bio and then schedule with me!

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