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You found this blog post most likely from searching for home inspectors in NH. In the video you will get my opinion on the topic, please take a minute or two and watch.


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I am a certified home inspector in NH. I have done a lot of study and training that goes over and above the state requirements to be a home inspector. You can read about all my training here….learn about my training...

We offer all kinds of different inspections,

Seller Home Inspections

This Inspection is for the home owner that wants to list their home. This inspection from our home inspectors will give a great idea where you stand and will give you time to maybe do some repairs before you get you home on the market. I feel this inspection can save Sellers thousands.  for more info….selling my home

Buyer Home Inspections

This inspection service is for a Buyers looking to purchase a home, I recommend this to all buyers you need to have a home inspector, not a contractor that you know. … buyer’s looking for an inspection

New Construction Home Inspections

The new construction inspection is for New Construction homes and it’s very underrated. We will get a first look at your home from the beginning so you don’t end up purchasing a nightmare. just because it’s new construction does not mean it is built right! more info…what to expect with a new home inspection


These are all done by home inspectors in NH that are also Certified.


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