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Looking for home inspectors in the lakes region of NH?

There are so many home inspectors in NH and a lot of them travel to the lakes region. Footprint Property Inspections LLC is based out of Concord NH and we are in the Lakes Region every week. We are one of the best companies in the industry and our reputation is incredible! You can read our reviews on google…Footprint Property Inspections Reviews

You need a home inspector that understands how to keep the weather out!

Homes in this type of environment take a beating with high winds and huge amounts of snowfall. Our company has Bob Clark and he is a 3rd generation home builder and has the knowledge of home construction. Hiring us will give you peace of mind that you will have the best idea of your home’s exterior to the elements! You can read more about Bob to get a better idea of your home inspector.

What type of home are you looking at purchasing?

I inspect all kinds of homes in the Lakes Region from traditional homes to the lakefront mansion. I also inspect that seasonal camp that you are looking at purchasing to create memories for your family.

Lake Front Homes

These types of a home have their own challenges when they need to stand up to the New England weather that pounds on them during the winter and pretty much all year long. You really want to make sure that the exterior of the home has the correct siding, roofing, and finishes to withstand the weather. One thing people don’t consider is the way the home was constructed, being a framer most of my life I know the importance of creating shear walls to withstand high amounts of wind.


Camps are interesting because they are seasonal properties. Seasonal homes need to go through a different process when you decide to leave your home. Most people will shut-off the water supply to the home and shut the power off. This brings its own set of challenges to the property because now you have no heat. You most likely would need to drain the pipes and put antifreeze in the traps to prevent that water from freezing and cracking the pipe.

New Construction Homes

These homes today are built a lot differently than they use to be when they are being constructed on a lake. Just like we talked about earlier they need to be able to withstand the weather and wind… the wind is a big factor. One thing that some builders over-look is air-sealing. This becomes even more important when you have a property that withstands these types of winds. You can read more about New Construction on another post of mine new construction home inspection.

Not all home inspectors do the same quality Inspection

I get people all the time that had a home inspection with another company then hired me on the next home and they could not believe the number of things their previous inspector did not inspect on their last home.

There are so many parts of a home and they all need to work together and you need someone that understands all the systems. So don’t wait anymore and give us a call!

Inspection Request

Call us or fill out the form. After you fill out the form we will be in touch almost immediately to give you an accurate quote and go over scheduling and availability.



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