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Sutton, NH is home to Wadleigh State Park and Keyser Lake. A beautiful place to call home. If you are in the market for a new home or looking to sell your home it is always advised to have a home inspection done.

It is good to have a home inspection done by a reputable licensed inspector that is also familiar with the area. Different areas required different things to be looked over, due to weather, land, or age of the home.

Recommended Inspections and testing for Sutton NH

It is important to do your homework when you hire your home inspector. You want someone that has a background in building, not just a license.

Bob at Footprint Property Inspections is a Licensed Certified Master Inspector of 8+ years and has years of experience building homes.

Knowing the know-how of building gives him an advantage in how things should be done or what problems are likely to occur.

Did we also tell you that we do inspections in New London NH also/

General Inspection

Your general inspection should include everything from the foundation to the shingles on the roof and the walls in. Also, the grounds around the property should be looked at for proper drainage and sloping to prevent or find problems that may transpire.

If there are any additional detached garages, barns, or outbuildings you will want to make sure that all of those structures get inspected as well.

This is all used to give you the knowledge of the home that you are purchasing and make you aware of any concerns before you sign the dotted line.

Radon Air Testing

Radon air testing is an important test being that we live in the Granite State. Radon is a gas that is released into the ground below and then leaches into basements.

It is important to have these levels tested to find out what level of radon is being leached into your home. It is a simple test using canisters that are left exposed to the air in the basement for a minimum of 48 hours and then brought to the lab to get the results.

Water Testing

Depending on the water system in place of the property that you are buying will depend on if this test is necessary for you. Most cities are on city water which is cared for and treated by the city.

However, if you are on a well you will want to have your water quality tested to give you the sound mind of clean water. There are a few ranges of tests that we offer that you can find here, NH water testing.

Septic Test

If you are buying a home on a septic system you will want to hire a septic company to come out and check your system to make sure that it is running well and not about to expire its life span.

Replacing a septic system is not a cheap endeavor so you will want to be sure that you know what you are buying before it is too late.

How much does a home inspection cost in Sutton, NH

When you are looking to hire an NH home inspector in the Sutton area you want to find a home inspector for his knowledge, not his pricing. When it comes to hiring a home inspector you truly get what you pay for.

Typically a 2,000 sqft home will be around $400 for the general inspection and then depending on what other tests you might want to add on it up to you.

Inspection Request

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