Home Inspector in NH

Home Inspector in NH

If you got to this page you are trying to decide on a home inspector in NH. Trust me I get it, there is no better thing to do than some research to find someone that is going to do the job right! Let’s face it buying a home is probably the biggest decision on a purchase you are going to make! When you are deciding on an inspector it is a good idea to research the inspector’s background. Here at Footprint, all inspections are done by me the owner Bob Clark, you can read about me and my experience on our about page.

Qualifications & Certifications

Most likely one of the biggest things to look for in a home inspector is their qualifications and certifications. The State of New Hampshire now requires that you be licensed if you are going to practice being a home inspector in NH. You can read about my qualifications and certifications. One of the big benefits of hiring Footprint is our passion to be a professional in the industry with all things the company does, from our first meeting to schedule to the final report!

Home Construction Background

It’s funny in our industry home inspectors that have no background in residential home construction feel that having the experience has no bearing on being a home inspector. I find this incredibly funny! I am a 3rd generation home builder, I have been around all phases of home construction from digging the hole to putting the cap on the roof. There is only so much you can learn from being in a classroom, but to be able to feel the product and understand how the house components all work together I think that gives me a huge benefit to providing an overall inspection to you the buyer!

So what are you waiting for give me a call or contact me below.. and I promise you will be happy with your home inspector!

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