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After you have successfully made an offer on a home and now have a certain amount of time to look for a home inspector.

You should look to hire a home inspector in New London NH that has the experience and knowledge to help you decide if your making a good purchase or not.

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What home inspections and testing should you get?

You want to choose a certified master inspector like Footprint Property Inspections.

When you get a home inspection in NH you really want to go beyond a general inspection. Here is list of the top inspections and testing that you should consider.

General Inspection

This covers the building and the imdedgried grounds around the home. If you have a garage or detached barn this will also be covered and sometimes have an additional charge.

The inspection covers the major parts of the home like the heating, plumbing and electrical systems to name a few.

This inspection is not a pass or fail but a look into the condition of the home that you are looking to buy.

Radon Air Testing

Because we are in the granite state it is really important to get an idea of what the radon levels are in the home.

Radon comes from the granite beneath the ground and leaches up into the basement and further up into the home.

A simple radon test with canister will check the level of the radon in the home.

Water Testing

If the new home you are purchasing is on a well then it is a good idea to check the water quality. We offer all kinds of different water packages that go to a lab in NH.

I highly recommend the full comprehensive water test with Radon to give you a good representation of the water quality in the home.

Septic Inspection

Most homes in the rural parts of NH have a septic system. If you’re not testing this system you really pose a risk of getting a large bill when the system fails or needs replacement.

These system last typically between 20-30 years so I suggest having it looked at.

How much does a home inspection cost in New London NH?

The general inspection on a standard size home under 2,000 sq ft will most likely cost you around $400.

When you get additional testing like radon air and water and septic then now you are looking at about 1k dollars total.

A home inspection in NH can cost a large range of pricing but in the end, you really don’t want to mess with not getting a home inspection!

Inspection Request

Call us or fill out the form. After you fill out the form we will be in touch almost immediately to give you an accurate quote and go over scheduling and availability.



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