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Concord NH is the capital of the State of New Hampshire. It has a lot of nice homes with easy access to the highway and and also downtown.

Don’t just hire any nh home inspector. Hire Bob he has been doing a home inspection for a long time in Concord NH.

Recommend Inspections and Testing in Concord NH

When buying a home in Concord you want to think about the general inspection but you might also want some other tests as well.

General Inspection

This is by far the most important part. If you could only choose one inspection or afford one this is so important.

You want to know the structure is safe for you and your family! Does the home have mold or hidden costs that you did not think about?

We will inspect the home from top to bottom to make sure you have a great investment!

Radon Air Testing

This can be a very important test in this area. Bow NH next door is known for very high radon in the water and the air.

I highly recommend getting a radon air test to see what the levels will be like in your home.

Water Testing

If the home your looking to purchase is on a well or in a rural part of town, I would consider testing the water.

There are drilled wells and a dug wells and the water quality can vary so it is always a good idea to get a test!

Septic Inspection

This is also so very important. If the home has private septic it can cost a lot of money if you need to replace the system.

If the home has city sewer the line could have damge from tree roots or a crushed or degraded pipe.

You will wan to know these things before you purchase a money trap.

How much does a home inspection cost in Concord NH?

A typical home inspection with a good home inspector will start at $400 for the general inspection. Adding age and other building could raise the price.

If you find a home inspector in the $300 price range than I would be bit concerned and I would consider us!

Inspection Request

Call us or fill out the form. After you fill out the form we will be in touch almost immediately to give you an accurate quote and go over scheduling and availability.



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