What does a home inspection cost in NH?

It is important to get a home inspection to save you from potentially buying a money pit. The costs can add up depending on what you want to inspect.

We are going to cover all the costs that you might have for all the testing that you most likely will want and additional service that you might have not thought you needed.

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New Hampshire Home Inspection Cost

A home inspection in NH will cost you between $300-$500 for the general inspection. This typically is figured by the square footage of the home.

A lot of companies will also charge extra for a detached garage and also additional services like radon air testing and water testing.

You will also want to factor in a septic inspection if the home is on its own system.

Additional home inspection costs

Water testing

Here are the typical costs of additional water testing. I highly recommend getting the Comprehensive water test with radon.

Standard Water Test   $110
Includes Total Coliform & E.coli Bacteria, Nitrate, Iron, Manganese, Hardness, pH, Sodium, Chloride

Comprehensive Water Test  $150
Includes Total Coliform & E.coli Bacteria, Nitrate, Iron, Manganese, Hardness, pH, Sodium, Chloride, Arsenic, Flouride, Copper, Lead, Conductivity, Alkalinity)
Comprehensive Water with Radon Test = $200

FHA/VA/RD Water Test  $120
Includes Total Coliform & E.coli Bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Chloride, pH, Hardness
MTBE  $150

Radon air testing

It is important to test for radon testing in New Hampshire. We are the granite state and within the granite you will typically find radon.

The typical cost for radon testing with a home inspection will run you somewhere between $150-$200. It is cheaper with an inspection if it is done alone it will typically cost you more.

Septic Inspection

This is another real important cost if your getting a NH home inspection. These systems don’t last forever and they can be very expensive to replace.

A septic inspection will typically cost you $240.

Older homes inspection cost

An older home will usually have an additional fee depending on the age of the home. Usually, this fee will run you an additional 75-100 bucks.

The reason for this is that these older homes typically have a lot more character with additional add-ons, crawl spaces, and also age will put a toll on a lot of the structure of the home if it was not maintained properly.

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