Bathroom Exhaust Fan


I want to write today about the importance of the bathroom exhaust fan. During my home inspections one of the things I look for is the bathroom exhaust fan… is there one present and does it work properly? There are multiple reasons we use one and I will go over some of them.


We use bathroom exhaust fan to get rid of smells that are created in the bathroom. I don’t feel this is the most important reason to switch the fan on but its probably the biggest reason people use it.

Humidity Control

This is by far the biggest reason I feel to turn the bathroom exhaust fan on. We create a lot of moisture when taking a shower and in some homes that have enough humidity as it is not turning this on can create a lot of problems. You can create mold problems in the bathroom and another area people don’t think about is the attic. You might say why the attic… well that moisture that is mixed with warm air will be sucked up into the attic and I have seen that create mold in attics.

One thing to remember when you run your bathroom exhaust fan in your home you let it run for some time after your shower. I recommend at least 20-30 minutes. If you have access to your attic I also suggest taking a look and make sure that the fan vents outside, I see it all the time where the fan vents inside the attic space.

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