Average Cost of Home Inspection

So you found a home to purchase and they accepted your offer. Now you’re wondering what a home inspection cost? The average cost for a single family home that is under 2,000 sqft would be $300-$400. Now, this only includes the general home inspection, not all the other things you might want to test for. If you are buying a Condo than the pricing can be different. A townhouse style is typically priced the same way as a single family home. A garden style condo usually is a different price seeing that is 1 level typically without a foundation. Let’s break down the costs you might see…

General Inspection

This will include the building and typically the grounds around the home. A lot of the time this will not include the garage if it is detached or any other outbuildings like barns and sheds. One of the items people think would be included is the septic system but typically this is not included. It is typically an add-on or it is referred out to someone else. The average cost is $350

Typical additional costs

  1. Septic system- If you live in the country that you typically will not have access to city sewer. I this situation you most likely have a septic and a leachfield and this is a specialty system and you should hire a professional in the field. The EPA has some great info about septic systems. cost is usually  $200-$275
  2. Water testing- Homes that have a well I recommend that you have your water tested. You can test just the basics like bacteria but I would go all the way with a Comprehensive water test with Radon. You can read about the water testing that we provide water testing. The cost is usually $110-$175
  3. Radon Air testing– Here in the Granite State we have a lot of granite and that is where the radon will come out of, so I suggest to get a radon air test done. They say it is the second highest cause of lung cancer. Read about radon air testing. The cost is usually $125
  4. Pest Inspection- Here in NH we typically include this in the inspection. This works out for the guy buying with VA financing seeing that they are not allowed to pay for the pest inspection.

Most homes are closer to the 2k ft range so we can say an average home inspection cost…

General Inspection-  $350

Water Testing-           $175

Radon Air-                  $125

Septic Inspection-      $250

Total cost-         $900   


Not as common costs

  1. Chimney Inspection– Some homes are apparent that the chimney might need to be inspected. This typically done by another person and not the home inspector. These cases are when the liner looks like it could be cracked or it is so dirty there is no way to know the condition. Your inspector will typically inspect the chimney overall but not the liner. The cost is usually $150
  2. Mold testing- You would be surprised how many homes have mold. I see it on a weekly basis. Just because it looks like it could be mold does not mean it is. It could just be a mildew, but from my experience, it usually tests positive for mold. The cost can get expensive from $250-$500.


As you can see a typical home inspection usually runs a lot more than what most people might think. The cost really adds up after you add the additional costs. Overall it is a small price to pay to see what potential problems the home might have.

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