Bob Clark is the owner of Footprint Property Inspections LLC. Currently, he handles and performs all inspections for the company, and has been in business for over 8+ years now.

He has over 20+ yrs in the housing industry. As a 3rd generation home builder, he owned and operated a new construction company that framed homes and developed land, building his first spec house at the age of 24.

Why Hire Footprint Property Inspections LLC

Bob is a Board Certified Master Inspector. This is the highest certification in the industry with only a handful of home inspectors in the State that has the certification. Our customers love us and are very happy with the service that we provide.

 What you will receive..

When you hire Bob you get a guy that has been around real estate his whole life. I was not an engineer or a sales manager that lost his job in the last downturn and decided to get my home inspection license.

Bob has experience in homes from the beginning stage of walking raw pieces of land all the way to the final stage of selling a home. He has knowledge of all phases of residential construction which helps him identify when something is not correct.

The State of New Hampshire requires that you be licensed to be a home inspector, to become licensed you need a certain amount of study in an approved class and pass a National exam.

Sincerely, Bob

Inspection Request

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