5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Every year when Winter comes to an end and Spring rolls in, we start wanting a fresh start to go with the fresh air!  Spring cleaning can be light cleaning or heavy cleaning.

Usually, a good spring cleaning is more about cleaning out the unseen clutter, washing windows, getting into the deep dusty corners, and getting our homes back in order.  Here I am going to talk about 5 Spring Cleaning Tips to focus on when getting into Spring cleaning your home.

From the Top to the Bottom

I like to work from the top to the bottom.  It makes the task seem more achievable and more organized rather than just dumping everything out and starting from total chaos. This can mean from the top floor to the basement or even as little as from the top shelf in the pantry to the floor.  When going room to room work from the ceiling to the floor so that all the debris from cleaning and dusting falls to the floor and then vacuum as your final clean up.

1. Dreaded Decluttering

The dreaded decluttering…  This is a love-hate relationship for me.  I despise going through it and seeing all the useless junk that I have saved for no reason, but I also love the feeling when it’s all done.  It’s such a relief and so satisfying. Organize your closets, junk drawers, pantries, mudrooms, offices, etc. Don’t forget tip #1, start from the top and work your way down.  

2. Kitchen and Bath Love

Your kitchens and bathrooms need some love too.  Although they can seem like a really daunting task, they are probably the grossest rooms in the house and need the most focus. Lots of unseen things that need to be addressed.


As far as your kitchen goes, start by wiping down the fronts of your cabinets, Remove all small appliances off of your counters and give your counter’s a good solid wipe down.

Move on to your lazy susan and clean out all of the outdated cans, spices, and whatever else might be in there.  The same goes for your pantry, start fresh!

The refrigerator is a job on its own.  As you know by now my #1 rule is to start from the top and work your way down.

Clean out all the old unwanted food, and remove the shelves and drawers one at a time and give them a good cleaning. I have found that salt and soda water work awesome for cleaning the refrigerator. 

Next, clean out your microwave from the inside out as well as your oven too. It’s not a bad idea to run your dishwasher through a good rinse cycle as well. Everything will be sparkling like new again.


A few easy tips on cleaning your bathroom and starting fresh are cleaning or replacing your shower curtain, going through and organizing your cosmetic drawer or medicine cabinet, and getting rid of all the expired items.  

 Next, consider replacing or cleaning your bathroom fan and toilet bowl brush. Easy peasy!

3. Air Quality is Important

One of the most important things missed a lot in spring cleaning is your air filter. Replace your regular filter with a more robust filter and the air quality in your home will be much healthier and cleaner.

4. Walls and Windows

Oftentimes people forget about the walls and windows.  Dust does not only accumulate on the floor.

Just use a damp cloth to wipe down the walls from top to bottom.  As for the windows, spring is a great time to open up those windows and wash both sides and in the sills.

The sills get pretty gross over time with dirt and bugs and whatever else nature throws at our windows.

Happy Spring cleaning!  I hope you feel fresh and clean after your Spring cleaning!  What are some other tips you would add to the list?

I also have a blog post on gutter cleaning in the spring. You can also find more Spring Time tips in this blog post.

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