3 Home Tips for Spring

Finally, we have made it to spring. It still very cold but we know what is around the corner. Keep reading for 3 home tips for Spring!

Clean Up

If you did not get your gutters clean in the Fall you want them ready for Spring. In the spring we usually get the most rainfall for the year. The old saying “spring showers bring May flowers” holds true.  This rainfall can put a lot of stress on your foundation so its best to get them up and running.

Clean the yard of any leftover leaves so they don’t get saturated with the coming rain and kill sections of grass. This is also a good time to get rid of any sand and salt leftover on the driveway and walkway.

Tune Up

This is a great time to dig out the lawn mower and weed wacker. Look them over and give them a tune-up. The fuel we use now has so much ethanol and this takes a toll on our small-engines.

It makes sense to put your snowblower away prepped for the winter next season. Change the oil and spark plug and empty that fuel and put it into your mower. Moving the gas will prevent bad gas in the next winter season.


If you have a furnace it is a good time to change over the air filter. Spring will soon bring allergy season with the pollens and dust with the season change. Change the batteries in you smoke detectors. If you are on a well and have sediment filters go ahead and change these as well.

I love Spring it’s telling us the good weather is almost here!

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